CFE Success Academy

The complete CFE prep program and step-by-step guide to navigating the technical material, mastering time management, and consistently hitting both breadth and depth so that you PASS the CFE in 2021 – even with limited time off.
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Before I tell you all about the CFE Success Academy program, let's talk about who this CFE Prep program is really for...


You have worked hard to get to get to this point. You have balanced school and work and likely a bunch of other responsibilities and you are finally at the culmination of this tough but rewarding journey.

You are committed to your family's future, and will do what it takes to get this done.

You are writing the CFE in 2021 and you are ready to PASS and move on with your life!

But, you are nervous about the never ending list of technical material you need to master, and about being able to show both depth and breadth efficiently in such a time constrained environment, so you could use additional guidance from someone you trust.

Whether you are

  • a cfe writer who works in industry, at a small/medium firm, or who is off work, without access to mentors, peer study groups or firm based prep programs, and you need to find your own independent support.
  • a cfe writer with limited study time with only a week or two off of work (or maybe just a few days!), and you need to be super efficient with your study time.
  • a cfe writer who is balancing LOTS of responsibilities but is committed to passing the CFE for your family’s future and you need to get a head start on your studying.

  • an experienced cfe writer who tried other prep programs, or focussed solely on Capstone 2, and you need a program with more access to someone who knows the CFE inside and out.
You are in the right place and I'm going to tell you exactly how CFE Success Academy can give you the roadmap, tools, and unparalleled support on your journey to writing and PASSING the CFE in 2021.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Crafted an efficient and effective study schedule and implemented critical study habits to optimize your study time and manage your stress, avoiding burnout and last minute panic.
  • Mastered the need-to-know technical skills by refreshing your technical knowledge to CFE level (not less and NOT more) and gaining a solid technical foundation before you even start case writing.
  • Acquired case writing strategies to allocate your time effectively, stick to the time frame, and focus on the issues that matter - i.e. get you credit on the marking grid.
  • Learned proven frameworks tailored to each of the six competency areas to consistently and efficiently show depth, without going overboard and taking time away from other competencies or other cases. Less can be more.
  • Developed a thorough understanding of what a competent response looks like - hint: it is a lot less than the suggested solutions, but certain critical areas must be addressed.
  • Transformed from overwhelmed and confused to calm and confident, and ready to write the CFE.

Hi! I'm Jenn...

Your lead instructor and in-house CFE expert.

 I teach proven strategies and frameworks that simplify the study process, helping you understand, apply and remember complicated CFE technical material and analysis. These frameworks ensure that you are able to show both breadth and depth within a very time constrained environment. CFE Success Academy will help you identify your specific strengths and weaknesses so that you can fix your weaker areas and build on your strengths!

My Background...

I have extensive experience marking and coaching for the CFE. Here are some highlights:

  • I’ve been coaching successful UFE and CFE candidates since 2012, with a focus on experienced writers.
  • I’ve marked or been a team lead (training markers to mark) at the National Marking Centre for every CFE since its inception in Sep 2015.
  • I author cases and perform technical review for CPA Canada’s Professional Education Program.
  • I made the honour roll when I wrote (but believe me, it was still a very stressful and uncertain summer – I feel your pain)

Trusted by Candidates from...

And here is what a few of them had to say...

"I loved the program, it was really useful and helped me prepare myself for the actual exam. This program really prepared me for the CFE compared to the CPA Program."

Farha K, CPA

"I’m extremely satisfied with this course overall and found jenn’s attitude and attentiveness throughout very inspiring and helpful."                                                

Eni P, CPA

It was very clear that Jenn was really experienced in marking cases and always had specific and insightful advice to provide.”                                 

Arthur K, CPA

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Your CSA tuition is T2202a eligible. You will receive your tax slip in March 2022. 

What’s Inside CFE Success Academy


Module 1

Kickstart Your Study Plan

First things first. In this module, we will set up a study schedule tailored to your time commitments. Once you have a plan, you will stop second guessing whether you are behind or overdoing it, you will be right where you need to be.


  • Understand how the CFE works and how it is graded, so you can set up your game plan accordingly
  • Customize your study calendar and study schedule based on your specific needs, ensuring that you will stick with it
  • Learn critical study tips, plus time and stress management strategies up front, so you can apply best practices right from the start
Modules 2 to 5

Refresh and Refine Your Technical Skills

Next, we will work on your technical skills in each of the 6 competency areas so that you've got technical skills to practice applying once you start case writing. Nothing worse than having NOTHING to write!

Module Highlights:

  • Understand which topics are tested most and at what level of difficulty (tailored to your role), so you can manage your technical study time most efficiently
  • Learn how to navigate the Handbook like a pro - i.e. QUICKLY and effectively
  • Get CSA original practice drills and marking guides for all of the most common topics + spotlight technical lessons on the topics that candidates find most challenging
Modules 6 to 8

Day 1, 2, and 3 Case Writing Strategies

Now that you have a solid technical foundation, it is time to start case writing.  The case writing strategy modules will help you understand what is expected of you at the Competent level, so you can score maximum impact in minimum time.

Module Highlights:

  • Proven strategies tailored to each of the 3 Days and to each of their unique challenges
  • Sample outlines, time management tactics and frameworks to ensure you can show depth (and breadth) efficiently in each competency area
  • Real world Day 2 and Day 3 sample responses, plus explanations as to what parts are good/ bad/ ugly, so you can see what is actually possible and expected within the tight time limits.
Module 9

CFE Week: Before - During - After

Finally. You've made it this far. You've done the work. Mindset is the only thing that can hold you back at this point, so in this final module, we will make sure you are in the right frame of mind to get the CFE done and over with, once and for all.

Module Highlights:

  • Guidance on how to spend those last few days BEFORE the CFE and how to manage your mindset
  • Tips on staying well rested and sane DURING the 3 day CFE
  • What to do AFTER the CFE and how to manage anxiety leading up to results day

Lessons included in CFE Success Academy:

When you enroll,

you’ll get:


CFE Success Academy - $1,297 Value 


  • 9 Modules over 12 Weeks

    Video training and supporting drills and pdfs, all accessible via desktop or mobile. Through these modules, I will guide you along this last leg of your CPA journey, answering questions as needed and sometimes even before you knew you had them. Note that the schedule is designed to work with the Capstone 2 schedule.

  • Create a Complete Step-by-Step Study Plan

    I'll get you organized and help you tailor a plan that works with your unique schedule so that you don't fall behind.
  • Master the Most important Technical Guidance

    Understand which topics come up over and over again and at what level of difficulty, so you can focus your efforts.
  • Perfect your Case Writing

    Learn how to find the required every time and apply your technical know-how in an effective AND efficient manner, using examples from past CFE cases.
  • Manage your Mindset

    Make sure you are at your best during CFE week, avoiding burnout and last minute panic.

Plus These Bonuses to Ensure you are 100% Supported Along the Way


Bonus 1

Weekly Live Q&As

Get clarity as you work through the modules and as you write your CFE practice cases. Jenn will answer your questions but also everybody else's - questions you didn't even know you had but will be happy you now know the answer to.

(A $597 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 12 weeks of weekly live Q&As with Jenn inside the private CFE Success Academy FaceBook Group, starting Jun 23 up until Sep 9. 
  • Submit your questions in advance or live on the chat.
  • Recordings will be available if you cannot attend live, along with time stamps and a summary of questions answered.
Bonus 2

2-Week Case Writing Bootcamp

See a broad cross section of real time and real world responses. While live marking, Jenn will explain what is good/bad and how to improve. This is a powerful live demo of how to make your own response better.

(A $597 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Jenn will live mark and debrief 3 x Day 3 cases: Aug 26, Aug 28, and Sep 2, and  1 x Day 2 case: Aug 22.
  • Cases will be drawn from past CFE cases, but will not overlap with Capstone 2 cases.
  • You submit your case the night before or the morning of, and Jenn picks examples from the group - you may see one of your AOs marked and you will certainly see AOs similar to yours marked. 
  • Recordings will be available if you cannot attend live.
Bonus 3

Personal Study Group

Stay motivated and see alternate approaches. Whether you trade marking or just trade cases, a study group will keep you accountable.

(A $97 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • You will be matched with an accountability group, based on your role, time zone and your preference between trading marking versus just submitting responses to your partner(s).
  • Potential to write cases over zoom if you are having trouble sticking to the time limits.
  • Trade help and encouragement with your peers. The CFE journey can be lonely, especially during lockdown, so it is helpful to have others around going through the same experience.
  • Study groups are optional but highly encouraged!

Program Calendar

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


CFE Success Academy - $1,297 Value

  • Bonus 1 - 12 Weeks of Weekly Live Q&A - $597 Value
  • Bonus 2 - 2 Week Case Writing Bootcamp - $597 Value
  • Bonus 3 - Personal Study Group - $97 Value

Total Bonus Value: $1,291

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $2,588

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



Your CSA tuition is T2202a eligible. You will receive your tax slip in March 2022. 

Looking for one-on-one marking?

All marking performed by experienced mentors trained by Jenn Cartwright, many of whom made the honour roll and/or have CFE Marking Centre experience.


Add a Supplemental Marking Package, including:

  • 4 past CFE cases marked (1 x Day 2 and 3 x Day 3)
  • Detailed comments within each section of the case
  • Completed CFE Success Academy marking guide
  • Video feedback (10 minute feedback video for Day 3s and 20 minute feedback video for Day 2)

Submission dates:

  • With Capstone 2: Day 3s: July 6, Jul 16, Sep 6 and Day 2: Jul 10.
  • No Capstone 2: Days 3s: Jul 17, Aug 7, Sep 6 and Day 2: Jul 31.

This marking package is only available as an add on and can be added for $457 + sales tax, after you complete your check out for the core program. 

PLUS you'll be backed by a Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee until July 17, 2021 AND Lifetime Access to the Core Program Until You Pass

Let me say this upfront,

CFE Success Academy is the most comprehensive step-by-step CFE Prep program out there, for CPA candidates who may be short on time but are COMMITTED to passing the CFE in 2021.

In addition to that...

Upon sign up, you will receive immediate access to Module 1: Kickstart your Study Program and Module 2: Financial Reporting. 

Meaning you'll have had the option to plan out your study program and to get started on one of the most challenging competency areas BEFORE making a final commitment. If after completing Modules 1 and 2, and getting a sense of what is to come, you don't feel totally confident and motivated to do the work, pass the CFE, and move on with your life, simply reach out, show me that you put in the work in the first 2 modules, and I'll refund your investment.

In addition, if you stick with the program, you will receive lifetime access to all modules in the core program until you pass the CFE.

Full details can be found here >>> Terms and Conditions

Questions your fellow CPA candidates asked before signing up...

Enroll in CFE Success Academy Today

4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



Your CSA tuition is T2202a eligible. You will receive your tax slip in March 2022. 

Still "thinking about it"?


You should give CFE Success Academy a risk-free shot until April 22, 2021, if you are motivated by any of the following:

You want to move on with your life...really badly.

You’ve got other mountains to climb. You have goals beyond your current level and want to move up to higher pay and more interesting work. You want and deserve the instant respect and credibility that the CPA provides. You are motivated to claim your seat at that boardroom table!

You want options. The CPA will open many doors. The job market for new CPAs is robust. As a newly designated CPA, this will be one of your most marketable times in your career.

At the end of the day, you want to create a better life for you and your family. Whether that means more money, more time, or more freedom to pick which opportunity fits best with your goals, the CPA will help you get there.

But first things first, you’ve got just one exam left between you and that goal – you need to pass the CFE. So give yourself the peace of mind of having a trusted expert guide you along the way.

I personally cannot wait to guide you over these 12 weeks prior to the CFE...


Studying for the CFE was literally one of the most stressful periods of my life. In hindsight, after passing, it was a great summer! But I still remember how confused and overwhelmed I was in the moment. I worked at a small firm so I didn't have any fancy firm prep or peers to study with. But passing that exam changed my life. Having CPA after my name has opened up so many doors, offered me incredibly interesting and lucrative opportunities, and given me instant credibility.

More than anything, I want to help you along the way through this tough but extremely rewarding journey.

I’ve coached hundreds of successful CFE and UFE writers, I’ve marked or taught other markers to mark at every single CFE marking centre since inception, CPA Canada trusts me to author and perform technical review for their professional education program, and I placed on the honour roll when I wrote. I know a thing or two about passing the CFE, and I would love to help you pass too!

If you have made it this far and are writing the CFE in 2021, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what working with me would look like.

To experience first-hand not only the technical guidance and case writing strategies but also the access to a coach you can trust to answer all of your questions.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that this 12-week program will transform you from overwhelmed and confused to calm, confident and more-than-ready to PASS the CFE, on your way to obtaining those coveted 3 letters, CPA, after your name.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside of CFE Success Academy.


All my best,

Jenn Cartwright


Enroll in CFE Success Academy Today

4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



Your CSA tuition is T2202a eligible. You will receive your tax slip in March 2022. 

Looking for more marking?

All marking performed by experienced mentors trained by Jenn Cartwright, many of whom made the honour roll and / or have CFE marking centre experience.

Add a Supplemental Marking Package, including:

  • 4 past CFE cases marked (1 x Day 2 and 3 x Day 3)
  • Detailed comments within the case
  • Completed CFE Success Academy marking guide
  • Video feedback (10 minute feedback video for Day 3s and 20 minute feedback video for Day 2)

Submission dates:

  • With Capstone 2: Day 3s: July 6, Jul 16, Sep 6 and Day 2: Jul 10.
  • No Capstone 2: Days 3s: Jul 17, Aug 7, Sep 6 and Day 2: Jul 31.

This marking package can be added for $457 + sales tax, after you complete your checkout and registration for the core program.